Nepal Olympic Council held an executive gathering alongside Directors of the Olympic Commission through zoom led by Leader of NOC/Individual from Parliament Hon. Jeevan Slam Shrestha on September 5, 2020, Saturday.

The gathering concluded that will do protection of Coronavirus of The apparent multitude of Olympians, Competitors, and Mentors in the Olympic Planning System, GA Individuals, EB, and Commission Individuals from NOC just as Staff.

The Board wished a quick recuperation to Olympian Jeet Bahadur KC who got tainted by Coronavirus and furthermore complimented Secretary General of NOC Mr. Nilendra Raj Shrestha alongside 4 different staffs for effectively recouping from Coronavirus.

Director of Clinical Commission Dr. Saroj Krishna Shrestha was likewise given the duty of setting up another security convention to continue the workplace after the lockdown.

NOC has mentioned everybody to follow the rules of the WHO and the Nepal Government.

The Games have developed so much that essentially every country is presently spoken to. This development has made various difficulties and debates, including blacklists, doping, pay off, and a fear monger assault in 1972. At regular intervals the Olympics and its media introduction give competitors the opportunity to accomplish public and now and again global distinction. The Games additionally establish an open door for the host city and nation to feature themselves to the world.

The Ancient Olympic Games were strict and athletic celebrations held like clockwork at the asylum of Zeus in Olympia, Greece. Rivalry was among delegates of a few city-states and realms of Ancient Greece. These Games highlighted for the most part athletic yet additionally battle sports, for example, wrestling and the pankration, pony and chariot hustling occasions. It has been generally composed that during the Games, all contentions among the taking an interest city-states were delayed until the Games were done. This suspension of threats was known as the Olympic harmony or ceasefire

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